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All of us at Maui Screen Printing, wholeheartedly support American Cotton Growers and the Haitian community benefited by this effort!

Each  t-shirt uses 3 recycled plastic water bottles in its fabric.

Our goal for 2017 is to remove 80,000 plastic bottles from our environment.

We’ve printed 14,986 Allmade t-shirts, recycling 44,958 plastic bottles to date.

  • 56.2%

How can we promise; What you want, when you need it?

Simple, because we put you first and we listen. Our customer support staff listens to what you want and we help you get it.
We’ve invested in two, state of the art, 10 color, 12 station automatic screen printing machines. We can easily churn out 1000 high quality prints per hour. If your project is a single new banner for your business or tens of thousands of garments in multiple sizes, we’ve got your back.
When you walk in with or send us your own artwork, our experts custom “burn” new screens to your specifications and get you set up for printing.
If you’d like a bit of help to develop or brainstorm something you have in mind, we’re here for you.
On staff artists and graphic designers will lend a hand and provide the perfect design or logo.
Maui Screen Printing works with the finest garment and textile manufactures. Our staff will guide you to the best material for your needs.
Give us a call at (808) 242-5858.
We’ll get you set up!

Our customers

Where would we be without our customers they’re the lifeblood of our company so we provide our utmost service and excellence in every project we undertake. Our mission is to help our clients gain the most profits by offering amazing promotional items with low prices. See some of our customers below.


Allmade was founded by a group of screen printers who believe there is a better way to make a shirt.

2 billion t-shirts are produced every year, using fibers like industrial cotton, which is often grown in regions with minimal regulations—directly exposing workers and the environment to deadly pesticides and herbicides that are outlawed in the U.S.

These materials are then transported across the globe using bunker fuel, a heavy oil residue so toxic most countries won’t let ships using it within 200 miles of shore.

They are then spun into yarn, knitted into fabric, and sewn into garments by workers, some of whom are children, in sweatshop conditions, for a wage that does not allow them to meet even their most basic needs. In countries like Haiti, this translates to an increase in orphans, many of whom’s parents were forced to give them up because they couldn’t afford to care for them.

All of which allows a handful of large manufacturers to sell the blank garments at a low, wholesale rate to screen printers, who then sell t-shirts with printed designs to consumers.

The increased cost of sustainable materials often prevents screen printers from offering better choices to their customers, many of whom are unknowledgeable about the conditions under which their shirts are made—resulting in a pattern of exploitative production.

The GO Project is a non-profit global organization that contributes 100% of their donations to orphan prevention and care programs in impoverished regions.

Children in countries like Haiti, where the average worker earns a mere $3/day to support a family of 8, are at a high-risk of becoming economic orphans. The typical orphan in Haiti is not without parents, but rather without parents who can afford to care for their most basic needs—food, shelter, clothing, education, and basic healthcare. 

The GO Project is fighting this cycle, with:

Orphan Prevention Programs

The GO Project’s Haitian facility, GOEX, where Allmade shirts are produced, is among a number of businesses and ventures they’ve developed to create dignified work that keeps families together. 100% of GOEX’s profits are dedicated to orphan care.

Orphan Care Programs

The GO Project provides orphan care in 20 countries around the world, including Haiti, working with local churches to ensure their most important needs are met, and they are enabled with tools for success within their own communities.

Transition Programs

The GO Project recently launched the GO Transition Academy to give orphans between 18-24 (who have aged out of the system) valuable life and vocational skills for a successful transition into adulthood. Many of the makers producing Allmade shirts will be participants of this new, two-year program.


Meet Our Family



Da Big Kahuna

Maui Screen Printing owner and former kneeboarding prodigy, Johnny, has bartended in Key West, won mixology contests, traveled the world and fell in love with mountains and ocean before landing on Maui. Through “HI I like you” and the support of his mentors at Guru Ink and Maui Brewing Co, he fell into the screen printing business.



Da Kahuna

Johnny’s right-hand dude, with a bachelor of science and a double minor in sales and marketing, Brad worked for corporate America until he got sick of it. Maui was his way out back then, even though that meant crashing on his buddy’s couch for a while. Brad and Johnny met at Maui Brewing Co and the rest is history.

Master printer Charles was born and raised on Oahu, and believe it or not, he has real royal Hawaiian blood running through his veins and his family still owns a rad royal palace estate in Kona! Charles came to Maui to help his mom build a house. He stayed and started a family here.

Loving high 5’s and dancing, Kevin originally hails from Michigan. He initially moved to Maui to study nursing but got a little sidetracked along the way. Kevin got into the screen printing business through his roommate who used to work in the company. And no, Kevin doesn’t have any deep, dark secrets whatsoever and says he is an open book.

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